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About Chief Instructor – Sifu Jack Leung

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Regional Director Sifu Jack Leung | Practical Wing Chun Australia

Queensland Chief Instructor Jack Leung serves as the Regional Director for Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun Kungfu in Australia.

Since 1996, he has learnt the entire system directly from Grand Master Wan Kam Leung, in Hong Kong.  In 2013, he achieved his full instructor certificates and started teaching. He now runs 7 branches in Queensland (Chermside, Woolloongabba, Underwood, Sunnybank, Forest Lake, Southport & Robina) & international seminar/workshops.



Background of Sifu Jack Leung

Sifu Jack was born in 1977 in Hong Kong. As a kid, he was a huge fan of Kung Fu and action movies.

About Instructor Jack Leung | Practical Wing Chun Australia

As a young child, Jack started martial arts training, at first informally in Judo and then progressed to Karate. He trained in Goju-Ryu Karate for 6 years, and in his early teens, won third place in his weight division, in a Karate Kumite (Free fight) competition in Hong Kong.

As a teenager, Jack became interested in Kung fu after one of his best friends had returned from a trip to Australia and showed him some Kung fu techniques in Southern Preying Mantis, a Chinese martial art form. He was amazed at the short distance combat way of fighting in Kung fu compared to the far distance way in Karate. In 1995, after extensively researching traditional styles of Kung fu in his home district, he discovered Kwong Sai Jook Lum Tong Long (Bamboo Forest Southern Preying Mantis) in Tai Po, Hong Kong, where he relocated and trained for over a year.


One day in 1996, on his way to school, he stopped by the Wing Chun Association located in Prince Edward, where he was fortunate enough to meet Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung. He was so impressed with the style of Kung fu that he decided to start training. During the first 6 months, Jack was still training in Karate while doing Wing Chun. During a sparring match one day, he ended being matched up with a Karate senior who was bigger and older than him, who was one of the strongest fighters in the dojo at the time and who also happened to be the son of the Karate Sensei. With the limited Wing Chun techniques he had learnt in 6 months, he managed to overcome their difference in size and manipulated his opponent easily.

After the session, Jack decided to quit Karate and only train in Kung fu, because he believed this to be the fundamental element of self defence – People who pick on you, are usually larger in size, armed with weapons or outnumber you.

Jack learnt the system directly from Sigung Wan Kam Leung in Hong Kong and finished Wooden Dummy level before he left for Australia.

Practical Wing Chun with Sifu Wan Kam LeungPractical Wing Chun with Sifu WanIMG_7408

Jack moved to Australia to further his tertiary studies, He travelled back and forth to a new school in Jordan for training and still maintained a close bond with his Sifu.

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While in Australia, he could not find a Wong Shun Leung system Wing Chun in Queensland, so due to work studies and commitments he stopped training for a year. When he explained the reason he had stopped training to his Sifu, he was encouraged to still keep training in Kung fu, even though it was another form of Martial Arts. “A martial artist should never rest his training, he should always keep the Kung fu spirit alive” said Sifu Wan. Encouraged, Jack started training Chow Gar Tong Long (Southern Preying Mantis), continuing for a few years under different lineages to broaden his Kung fu views and knowledge.

In 2008, he developed an interest in fitness and started training in Muay Thai. While still living in Thailand, he travelled overseas another 3 times. This was in preparation for a fight which was to be held at a local stadium in Phuket, Thailand.


Unfortunately after a severe elbow injury in Thailand, Jack had to give up his fight. During training, his trainer dropped his guard, Jack elbowed a trainers mouth, which resulted in the trainer receiving 21 stitches, and which caused Jack to lose the flesh from his elbow and as a result, he had limited arm and elbow movement for over a month. But he still kept the Martial art spirit alive by training with the other arm, punching and kicking in the ring.

After the accident, Jack started looking for a martial art that he could train for life, rather than one where you constantly need to be in good shape (external martial arts that rely heavily on muscle mass, speed and weight). He looked for a system that did not require brute force or huge strength. A style that he could use to protect himself as he grew older and slower. A self defence system that enables a smaller, weaker person – an older man, a female to defeat a bigger, stronger opponent. He realised that an older man could not match a younger man’s stamina in a long fight. It is harder for a female to match against a male opponent’s strength.


Efficiency in Wing Chun is based on the concept that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Likewise its primary targets all lie along the centre line of one’s opponent. Wing Chun training is designed according to an individual’s situation, and therefore is suitable for both males and females of all ages, fitness and strengths. It’s all about Physics, the correct angle and force together with the sensitivity of hands.

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The solution was simple, it matched Practical Wing Chun. So once again Jack started training regularly in Hong Kong. In 2013 he was certified to teach Practical Wing Chun and he serves as a Regional Director and Instructor for Practical Wing Chun under the guidance of Grand Master Wan Kam Leung. He was awarded the title – ”Sifu” (Chinese for instructor).


Sifu Jack Leung still travels to Hong Kong every 2 months to regularly train under the Grand Master. There is an old Chinese saying – ” The journey of learning is like rowing a boat in a river, if you don’t keep heading forward, the only direction will be – backward”


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Jun. 2013 – Started teaching at different venues in Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Nov. 2013 – As interests grew, Practical Wing Chun QLD Headquarters was opened for 4 times training sessions a week at Underwood
Dec. 2013 – Hosted the first Practical Wing Chun QLD Seminar at HQ with Grand Master Wan (Australian Tour 2013)
Feb. 2014 – Appeared on the front cover of Blitz Australian Martial Art Magazine with Grand Master Wan for Practical Wing Chun
Mar. 2014 – Second school opened in Wolloongabba, Brisbane
Mar. 2014 – Joined Grand Master Wan with his 2014 UK Seminar with 200+ Wing Chun practitioner from over 10 lineages
July. 2014 – Opened Practical Wing Chun Gold Coast branch, teachings  available at Brisbane City, Brisbane South & Gold Coast (7 days training)
Aug, 2014 – Founder & Chief instructor at Griffith University Practical Wing Chun club. Teaching at Griffith University Nathan Campus
Sep. 2014 – Invited by Blitz Martial Arts magazine for technique workshop of the month – Defence against a low roundhouse-kick
Oct. 2014 – Invited by Blitz Martial Arts magazine for technique workshop of the month – Defence against 2 attackers
Nov. 2014 –  Invited by Blitz Martial Arts magazine for technique workshop of the month – Defence against grab neck & punch
Nov. 2014 – Published “STICK IT” Chi Sau article in Blitz Magazine & started writing weekly technique workshop for Queensland Chinese News
Nov. 2014 – Joined Wong Shun Leung Students Association Gathering 2014 in Hong Kong
Feb. 2015 – Published “PIN POINT KUNG FU” article in Blitz Magazine
Apr. 2015 – Started teaching at Southport on the Gold Coast
May. 2015 -Published “KUNG FU KICKS” article in Blitz Magazine
Aug. 2015 – Started second Gold Coast class at Robina
Oct. 2015 – Self Defence on Public Transport Workshop (Bus & Anti car-jacking)
Nov. 2015 – Hosted Self Defence Workshop for Griffith Sports
Dec. 2015 – Hosted Ip Man 3 Australia Premiere Charity event for Make A Wish foundation 
Jan. 2016 – Invited by Blitz Martial Arts magazine for technique workshop of the month – Defence against a two-pronged attack
Feb. 2016 – Invited by Blitz Martial Arts magazine for technique workshop of the month – Defence against a left hook
May. 2016 – Invited by Blitz Martial Arts magazine for drill of the month – Against Energy or going with the energy
Sep. 2016 – First international seminar in Florida, USA.
Dec. 2016 – Launched PWC Charity CD, raised funds for Foodbank
Feb. 2017 – Started Bond Uni & Sunnybank branch


2 years anniversary c



Qualification & Certification:

·         Practical Wing Chun Certified Instructor

·         Practical Wing Chun Certified Regional Director

·         Griffith University Practical Wing Chun Chief Instructor

·         Certificate 3 in Group Exercise – Fiafitnation

·         Certificate 4 in Personal Training – Fiafitnation

·         Level 1 in Kettle bell Certified – Australian Kettle bell Institute

·         Advanced First Aid

·         Blue Cards (for working with kids) registered with Qld Government

·         Completed Course in Firearms Safety 30989QLD

·         Diploma of Graphic Design

·         Bachelor of Real Estate and Property Development – Griffith University

·         REIQ (Real Estate Institute Queensland) Full Licenced Agent


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