Practical Wing Chun Australia

Si Hing Lo



I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in an ordinary family. I had never thought that I would learned any kind of Kung Fu or Martial Art before I came to study in Brisbane. When living in an unfamiliar environment as an overseas student, I realized that I was the only person who can protect myself most of the times and I wondered how grateful it would be if I know some self-defence skills and techniques. After watching the first “Ip Man” movie, I was attracted by the Wing Chun style and started learning from one of the Wing Chun lineage which is different from Practical Wing Chun, however, I stopped learning from it a while later because I doubted that some of the moves were not applicable in real life situation, some moves could not be explained and I was confused how and when to use them. By chance coincidence, I met Sifu Jack Leung through a friend afterwards. I picked up Wing Chun again and have fallen into Practical Wing Chun because all of my doubts and questions can be answered and explained logically and scientifically. Also, the learning atmosphere is very friendly, all the kung fu brothers and sisters are willing to help each other out. I am so glad and feeling lucky that I join this big family.


Certified PWC Instructor Leve 1-SLT

Blue Card(Working with Children Check) – Card No.

Bachelor of Engineering

Australia Wide First Aid – Statement No.2698017-4359-2087806

Completed Course in Firearms Safety 30989QLD

Speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin & English

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