Practical Wing Chun Australia

Si Hing Steven



Through the influence of Kung Fu movies, I have loved Kung Fu since I was a kid. Growing up in a strictly-educated family, there wasn’t an opportunity to learn any kind of Kung Fu since my parents wanted me to avoid any potential injury. I therefore dedicated my leisure time into doing various kinds of sports. To be influenced by the movie ‘Ip Man’, I started becoming interested in Wing Chun. I reearched Wing Chun and started watching Wing Chun videos online. Early 2013, I moved to Brisbane after graduation of my bachelor degree from Canberra, and that was the time I ultimately decided to learn Wing Chun. After comparing all the different styles of Wing Chun, I found ‘Practical Wing Chun’ to be more systematically practical. It seemed more scientific, more realistic than the other lineages, and that’s perfectly what I was seeking. Thus far, I’m glad that I’ve made a right decision for myself.


Certified PWC Instructor Level 1 –SLT

Chum Kiu Level

Blue Card (Working with Children Check) – Card no. 1334511/1

Bachelor of Commerce

Australia Wide First Aid – Statement No. 2697251-4359-208692

Completed Course in Firearms Safety 30989QLD

Speaks Fluently in Cantonese, Mandarin & English