Practical Wing Chun Australia

Si Hing Tony


Before learning Wing Chun, Si hing Tony knew what ‘Wing Chun’ was by watching Chinese Movies. Si hing Tony had little knowledge of Wing Chun. One day, Si hing Tony passed by Sunnybank Market Square and saw a Practical Wing Chun poster. He was attracted by Si gung Wan Kam Leung‘s pose in the poster and felt curious, so he decided to have a try in training. At the beginning of the lesson, Si hing Tony felt Wing Chun is does not big wide movement like Muay Thai. It’s all meticulous movements. So he wanted to gain a deeper understanding in Practical Wing Chun. Further in his learnings and trainings under Sifu Jack Leung, Si hing Tony gained more confidence and found that Wing Chun is not violence but a self defence system -simple and direct. All above, Si hing Tony wants to improve more in order to become a qualified instructor and share ‘Practical Wing Chun’ martial arts to others.



Certified PWC Instructor Level 1 –SLT

Chum Kiu Level

Blue Card (Working with Children Check) – Card No.486985/2

Australia Wide First Aid – Statement No.2688375-4359-2079169

Completed Course in Firearms Safety 30989QLD

Speaks Fluent English, Cantonese, & Vietnamese