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Si Jeh Charis

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With a passion in health and fitness, Si Jeh Charis has been actively involved in various forms of sporting activities from a young age.  In the martial arts arena, Si Jeh Charis has had experience in various forms including Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai as well as Self Defense.
With a professional background in finance, logic is a must.  As such, Si Jeh Charis chose to develop her martial arts knowledge and skills in the Practical Wing Chun system. As she puts it, “It makes sense for one to not use force against force against an opponent, but rather, utilise appropriate techniques to control, defend and/or attack opponents that may be taller, bigger in size or those with a longer reach.”
Given Wing Chun is one of the very few martial arts developed by women, Si Jeh Charis believes Practical Wing Chun to be the most effective when it comes to application of strength vs techniques in comparison to other areas of martial arts she has experienced.
Si Jeh Charis feels not only is this system practical, but it also provides an environment to encourage discipline, leadership, communication and fitness for both adults and children.

Si Jeh Charis intends to further develop her skills and techniques under the Practical Wing Chun system as a Level 1 SLT Instructor.


Certified PWC Instructor Level 1 – SLT

Biu Jee – Grade

Practical Wing Chun Australia (Qld) Student of the year No 2 in 2014
Practical Wing Chun Australia (Qld) Student of the year No 1 in 2015
Blue Card (working with children)
Justice of the Peace (Qual)
Bachelor of Commerce (Fin. Plan & Acc.)
HLT Advanced resuscitation
HLT First Aid
Completed Course in Firearms Safety 30989QLD

Speaks fluently in Cantonese & English

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