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Si Sook – Bernard



I was born in Hong Kong 1979. At the age of 15, my parents sent me over to Australia to complete secondary school and tertiary education. Since then, I have lived in Brisbane and call it home.

Through my teenage years, I was always involved in various kinds of sports. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, ping pong, tennis, track and field….you name it, I played it. However, martial art was never on my extra curriculum list, as I didn’t have much interest in it at all. That changed profoundly after I watched the movie “Ip Man”, portraying the man whom I believe has become one of the most important advocates of Wing Chun in history. I was fascinated by the moves and techniques shown in the movie. They were so direct and efficient.

With all the fighting scenes, moves and techniques from the movie popping up in my mind, I found myself wanting to know more about Wing Chun. I went on Internet and started researching. The more I researched, the more my desire grew to want to learn and experience Wing Chun. After much deliberation, I finally chose a school teaching traditional Wing Chun and began taking classes there. During my time with the school, the techniques and drills I was practising were repetitive and robotic. More importantly, I did not quite understand the reasons and mechanics behind those techniques or drills and was not quite sure if I could actually apply them to protect myself in a real life threatening situation.  I began having doubts if Wing Chun was for me.

On one occasion, I was speaking to my friend and found out that he had actually been learning and practising Wing Chun for close to 20 years. He suggested that I should take a class from him once his Wing Chun School was open. I did so and since then, he has become my Si Hing, Jack Leung.

Under Si Hing Jack’s guidance, learning and using Wing Chun makes sense to me. Each technique he teaches is explained in detail. He emphasises the importance of understanding both the reason as well as the mechanism behind each technique. To complement his explanation, he also provides illustrations on when and how each technique can be applied in different real life situations. With his explanations and illustrations, I can really appreciate how logical, efficient and practical the Wing Chun system is.


Certified PWC Instructor Level 1 –SLT

Practical Wing Chun Australia (Qld) Student of the year No. 2 in 2015

Biu Jee Level

Blue Card (Working with Children Check) – Card no. 1325983/1

AustraliaWide First Aid No.2698018-4359-2087807

Completed Course in Firearms Safety 30989QLD

Speaks Fluently in Cantonese, Mandarin & English

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