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Program 1: KidsFit Wing Chun

Kids Fit Wing Chun Kung Fu – Children Class Self Defence in Brisbane – Anti Bullying!



Practical Wing Chun Children’s class is designed for children to learn self-defence in an effective, safe and fun way, reassuring concerned parents about their children’s safety. We teach the importance of discipline, respect and adopting a positive attitude. By learning Practical Wing Chun the children will also develop the following:

  • Gain Confidence
  • Courage
  • Teamwork
  • Concentration and Focus
  • Awareness and Alertness
  • Control temper
  • Dealing with threatening situations
  • Fitness and health
  • Develop patience
  • Increase socialisation skills
  • Learning to set & achieve goals
  • Increase self esteem
  • Learn to respect

Preparing them for a life long success! And  most importantly – Have fun !

Instructors holds Qld Government blue cards – Working with children.

Program 2: Self Defence for Schools


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Why train with us ?

Our class consists of high instructor to student ratio.

Most parents come to us because we work with their kids on their behaviour problems. Discipline is important for Chinese Kung Fu.

Children usually have short attention span, hence a lot of children classes on the market are only 30 mins. Our classes are designed longer to help children stay in focus throughout a longer period time.

So if you are looking for a self defence system that does not pit force against force, a system that has traditional values.

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Kidsfit Wing Chun Group Class

Starting from 6 years old. (5  years + consideration after interview)

Classes are taught in English/Chinese.

Available at Woolloongabba , Underwood & Southport Branch. For more information on timetable and pricing, please visit our updated website here

We do not do babysitting, this is a long term program ONLY available to those who are keen to put their children through traditional martial arts training with one of the top Wing Chun Sifu in the country. 



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Kidsfit Wing Chun Performing

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Underwood in Brisbane.
Woolloongaba in Brisbane.


Refer to the timetable here


For more information on Sifu Jack Leung

Sifu Jack Leung Practical Wing Chun

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種危險。此外, 學習實用詠春還能夠讓孩子們培養出積極和健康的價值觀,比如:


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