Living a Balanced Life With Wing Chun

For any person to live a balanced life, they have to focus on all the different components of it, which includes work and play. If the focus is on put one aspect of it, then the other part suffers. Sometimes work and play seem to be intermingled, such as in the case of Wing Chun, for example.

Wing Chun

Wing Chun instructor Yip Fook Choy, 67, and his student Kahar Saidun, 36, demonstrating some Wing Chun kung fu style. Kahar has been learning Wing Chun from Yip since he was 17.

This is a specialized form of martial arts that is participated in for various reasons. Some individuals study this martial art as a hobby and a way of entertainment. Others do so for its ability to teach self-defence. Then there are those who have such a passion for it that they have become instructors and have gone on to own their own clubs and schools. For these people that have gone to this extent, they are intermingling their career and personal interests all in one. For them, they must take the time to balance their lives with other activities as well.

How to Balance Life

When business and pleasure is being intermingled on one specific category like Wing Chun, it is crucial to discover other exciting activities of a different nature. For example, with access to the internet, these individuals could check out the to see what this gaming platform has to offer, which is fun and exciting and refreshing for the mind. Some other options are:

  • Checking out the other arts: Aside from the martial arts many different forms of art can be enjoyed and used as a form of entertainment. Like the visual arts, for example.
  • Reading and expanded learning: For those who need to take a break from Wing Chun they can do so by finding some good reading material on topics that are appealing.

No matter what new form of activity is chosen, it will help to bring a better balance for those whose work and play happens to be in the same category.